Hair is one of them nuisances you don’t fully appreciate until it is gone. The balding reflection I saw in the mirror was not the residual image of myself I had in my mind and each gaze at my hair-loss in the mirror caused me great pain and seemed to age me greatly. I initially tried cheap synthetic wigs from the internet with varying degrees of success. Most were either ill-fitting or just badly styled, often not the least bit like the immaculate image of them in the advert. The few I had been lucky with rarely lasted more than a month, as they quickly destroyed themselves by either friction on my clothing or by the constant untangling needed especially towards the end of their life. The final straw for me was constantly being unable to get identical replacements for the few wigs I had liked. 

I made the decision to purchase a human hair wig even though the initial cost outlay seemed very expensive. I was fed up of feeling somehow inferior to other women and for wishing for winter so I could hide under thick bobble hats. I researched for wig stylists and suppliers in my area and found Betty Brown’s Wigs. I made an appointment and jumped on the train to York. I was nervous arriving but I need not have been as I was immediately at ease with the professional and friendly service. I was advised on various styles, lengths and types of wig, being able to try many on from a huge selection in store. I finally made my decision and ordered a human hair wig that would be then styled to how I wished. 

Words perhaps fail me in adequately describing what a difference my new wig made to my life and especially to my own confidence. I started to get lots of compliments about my hair which was a pleasant new experience. At first I would tell people it was a wig and they were often amazed and said they couldn’t tell. After enough people had told me this I started to realise that they indeed could not tell and so I no longer told people. I reasoned it was not a lie, after all it was my own hair, and I had the payment receipt to prove it. The wig turned out to be a great investment too, lasting far longer than the synthetic ones I had been buying from the internet. I currently have two identical human hair wigs which I alternate, so they can be washed and dried without hurry. They have lasted so well I recently had them restyled into a slightly shorter style and am thinking about having them re-coloured nearer Christmas. My confidence in my appearance has never been higher and now when I go out I find myself perhaps worrying if my tummy shows, or my if my make-up has smudged. It is so nice never to have to worry about how my hair looks